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  1. Strategy

    We know there is no single best trading strategy that can be effectively applied to all stocks over all time. We also know that stock price movement is neither totally predictable nor totally random yet we know that short-term momentum is very common. (See 10 Day Price Trend pie chart). Built on this understanding, Stocksaurus is designed to help you optimize your trading performance by signaling probable changes to near term price momentum. Using fundamental and technical indicators Stocksaurus uses machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, to discover data patterns that correlate to imminent changes to price momentum.
    "Don't fall victim to assumptions about what makes a good technical strategy."

    Stocksaurus® is an End-of-Day signaling system designed for intermediate term investors, options traders and swing traders. Stocksaurus subscribers view daily trading signals within the S&P500.
  2. Timing

    Success lies in timing, and we want you to use the power behind combining fundamentals with technicals. Let Stocksaurus help you determine the best entry and exit times and transaction price points, whether trading around a core investment position or pure swing trading.

    Stocksaurus reduces the need for manual scanning and interpretation of charts using fixed rule based strategies. You concentrate on the performance of your companies, your portfolio strategy and the review of qualified trading candidates rather than the technicalities of finding, timing and pricing your trades.
  3. Risk Management

    Stocksaurus provides more than signals to Buy or Sell. Each long trade recommendation includes a recommended buy-stop, stop-loss and break-even price. This helps you buy only when the price moves in your favor. It also allows you to leverage automation with trading platforms that support bracket orders.


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