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  1. View the trading Signals
    Compare them to the corresponding stock chart in your trading tool. Consider a trade if you like what you see. Consider entering a Buy Stop Limit order at the 'Long Entry' price. If only a Sell Stop price appears you should protect any long position with a Sell Stop Limit order as this means a pattern is detected that correlates to lower price movement. These signals are determined from patterns in fundamental and technical data that best correlate with imminent price momentum. A 'Buy' Signal on a 'Bearish' pattern may indicate a near term reversal; whereas a 'Buy' signal on an 'Bullish' pattern may indicate a continuation pattern. A 'Buy' or 'Sell' signal on a 'Neutral' pattern may indicate an imminent breakout. The 'Pattern' rating is determined by price momentum and other indicators including the Chaikin Money Flow indicator. Learn more…
  2. Employ Risk Management
    Consider employing the recommended Long Entry (Buy Stop Limit), Sell Stop and Breakeven prices. Move your Sell Stop price up to your Buy Stop Limit/Purchase price as soon as the market price reaches the Breakeven price. Risk management becomes easier with Stocksaurus. Learn more…
  3. Place a Trade
    Add a next day or same day order. Size the order in accordance with your portfolio management strategy. Make it easy and use bracket orders in your trading tool to automate your trades. Learn more…


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